Musical Car or Music”alley”

This morning, as I was walking to my car parked in the alley, I heard some music. The closer I neared my car, the louder the music. It turns out I left the keys in my car, with the radio on and the door unlocked all night…in an alley, in urban Los Angeles, where all kinds of people walked by my musical car and not one of them entered my car. Either there are a lot more honest people here than I give them credit for, or I have a very undesirable car.

Great interview today

Had a great time being interviewed by Maria Sanchez today for her podcast. Here’s the link if you want to listen to it:

She knows the comedy biz very well. We talked about the comedy boom of the 80’s when there seemed to be a comedy club on every corner. Here’s the link to her website:

I was promoting a show I’m going to be in on September 8th in La Mirada. It’ll be a lot of fun. Great lineup…all clean humor for the entire family. Here’s the link:

Adam Christing, the founder of Clean Comedians, is the emcee…he’s the best emcee in the biz.

Hope you guys can come on out and enjoy an evening of clean comedy. You can bring the entire family to this show…all the material is family friendly.

Littler Walk

I was nearing the end of a nice long walk around my neighborhood today. All of a sudden, I see a ball of trash, a subway sandwich wrapper fall near my feet from a truck that was parked. I looked up and a couple of heavily tatted tough guys were there munching away of their now wrapper-less sandwiches. I said, “Hey, is that your trash you just threw? Not cool!” Then I walked away as fast as I could!

I was trying to be green, but almost ended up black and blue! (: